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Synergy IT provides total Database Management Solutions including Clinical Database Management System (CDMS) Services for your organisation.

Database Management System (DBMS)

Modern day organisations are more data driven than ever and we are totally aware of this. At Synergy IT Solutions we strive to provide you the best Database Management solutions for optimum performance of your systems. Our Data Management experts use latest technology and methods to achieve this ensuring the solutions and backups are executed in a fully secure environment.

Synergy IT Solutions offers expert Clinical Database Management
Specialized Clinical DBMS services by Synergy IT
Clinical Data Management Overview

Clinical Data Management (CDM) consists the procedure of accumulating data, and then the validation and formulation of data towards statistical dissection for clinical trials. This starts with laying up a clinical data gathering tool or a clinical database grounded on inquiry protocol to gather and lay up data. Once data is stashed, executing the data in a substantive way is pivotal to ensure authentic data is gathered and complies with ICH-GCP and all appropriate universal and original administrative necessities. Once the data assembled is qualified for dissection, the database is locked to keep off any variation and data-sets are handed to statistics and programming crews for dissection.

Total Clinical Database Management Solutions

We offer thorough Clinical Data Management services which include, incorporated clinical data references; rapid-fire database launch; expert medical coding, inquiry handling and sorting, regulating effective external vendor data processes, database cinch; and full scale, quality clinical test data. Synergy IT provides real time, speedy access to data, meaning faster solutions ensuring more safety at all times. We use the latest modern tools and technology to collect data, improving user experience in clinical trials and reduce site’s effort in data management.

Innovative solutions in Clinical Database Management by Synergy IT
Synergy IT's proficient team in Clinical Data Management
Pick the suitable EDC system for your needs and cost estimates

We’ve a number of partners in regards to Electronic Data Capture who offer various features and flexibility to keep you on par with the newest technology available for all your different data needs. our partners provide solutions that are well integrated and are beyond the conventional EDC that give real time data access from the various sources.

Clinical Database Management Support

We offer 24×7 Management support post the time we have applied the clinical data management software solutions to make sure they are working efficiently for you, and we’re are always available to take your call without delay. Our services are nationwide and are accessible in most of the major cities of Canada including Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Vancouver, Montreal, Surrey and Quebec City to name a few.

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