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Synergy IT Solutions helps your business leverage the total features and potential that Google Cloud Platform Managed Services have to offer.

Google Cloud Platform Services Overview And How We Help

Google Cloud Platform is a cloud vendor that provides a suite of public cloud computing services offered by Google. It allows anything from Cloud cost managing to video deliverance on the web to data management to tools of machine learning. Google Cloud platform includes a wide variety of hosted services for data storage, computing, app development which run on the Google platform hardware. The task of self-managing all these functions that GCP managed services provides can turn out to be quite a complex and time consuming process unless you have a proper team in place for it. So it would be a smart move for your business to contact Synergy IT’s expert solutions. We manage your Google platform in totality from proactive planning to continuous performance monitoring and support, While you can freely concentrate on the rest of your business priorities, our techs will be making it certain that processes run in seamless motion with full management of your GCP.

Google Cloud Platform Managed Services
Cloud Data Migration and Infrastructure Management
Google Cloud Migration services

We ensure secure and easy Cloud Data Migration on Google Cloud as well as handle Google Cloud Infrastructure Services and improve performance. In All we take over your whole Google Cloud Platform operations and in the meanwhile you can spend the saved time on other important tasks in your organisation.

Our Experts are certified professionals

Synergy IT’s technicians are a team of professionals who work by a properly constructed plan, to ensure there are no hiccups or clueless moments in case of encountering a problem later. So we first construct a design, and deploy customized resources keeping your business needs in consideration. Our Google Cloud DevOps Services have been largely appreciated by all our former clients.

Professional IT Team Working on Cloud Solutions
Custom Google Cloud Security Solutions
Cost Effectiveness and Google Cloud Security & Compliance

We keep examining your business environment continuously to seek and exploit any cost saving opportunities for you. Security is another prime issue we stress upon. We check and monitor all Google Cloud Security solutions continuously and use comprehensive measures and tools when needed to meet compliance standards, always assuring that your application is working in a protected environment and data is secure.

Google Cloud Platform 24/7 technical support

24×7 Google Cloud consulting services and tech support is available when you are dealing with us. It is our duty to ensure that your Google cloud services are always smoothly and uninterruptedly up and running. Our services are easily accessible in most of the major cities of Canada including Toronto, Mississauga, Kitchener, London, Brampton, Hamilton, Waterloo, Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary. Contact us for any assistance or requirements you might have at any point.

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