Disaster Recovery Services

When Disaster Strikes

Disasters cannot be predicted but it can have devastating effects on a business. Therefore it is important to prepare for the worst by implementing a disaster recovery solution plan. Type of plan to implement will be heavily dependent on the affordable downtime. Disaster recovery solutions can be implemented to achieve recovery from hardware failure, application failures , natural disasters etc, accidental dropping of storage materials, Logical Failure, tampered tapes etc. Careful planning is the key to disaster recovery solutions. The disaster recovery solutions we offer include Planning, Consultation , Documentation & implementation. Our Solutions cover a wide array of applications and Solutions that combine to help drive business intelligence while improving operational efficiency and predicting business outcomes. Synergy IT Solutions, offers reliable and cost effective data recovery disaster recovery solutions to secure your network, encompassing your mainframes, servers, PCs, and physical records.


When disaster strikes, chaos prevails. We understand this inevitability and strive through Disaster Recovery System to ensure that our client doesn’t get in a rut. Disruption in business not only affects cost but also his brand equity. Helping the client maintain proper business continuity even in the face of disaster is what we excel at. We imbibe an extensive and all-consuming process compatible with different levels of infrastructure and business environment. Our direct aim is to revive maximum inputs and variables and minimize losses in terms of data and structure. We keep updating our Disaster Recovery System to meet new demands. We keep malwares and other intruding elements at bay and help the client preconceive security.

Strengthening collaboration

Collaboration of varied streams is an ultra-important concern for the client. It tends to unravel during crisis and we help to maintain the connection. We separate disparate functions that combine into a credible project and suggest recovery practices from that perspective. Our consultant places the requisite Disaster recovery system for precise assimilation. We ordain typical responsibility to respective heads of key positions and lineate their job at hand. We correct interference in Network Infrastructure, business analysis, application management and nurture coherence between developers and vendors. Through our credible Data Recovery System, we finalize tenets for rehabilitation and suggest key changes in infrastructure to prevent future jeopardy. We are also deft in handling relocation and platform migration issues. We assess the health and sanity of printers, faxes and security system as well. We propose a standing committee for overall monitoring and gearing of respective units. A hierarchy is created to ensure transparency about when and whom to report. Ensuring uninterrupted power is our added asset.

Overall facilitation

Right from project initiation to its closure, we disentangle knots and educate professionals to carry out a comprehensive process. We emphasize to correct Telecommunication glitches as well as fluid data transmission between streams. We have enough experience of their immense impact through diverse Disaster Recovery conductions. We upgrade information support and place effective backup to safeguard the premise. We have strict organization policy and never digress from regulatory compliance while managing Disaster Recovery. We also enlighten the client with technology support and new software that may engender prompt business resumption. Of course, we negotiate through external parties to look after any physical harm incurred by professionals. We also manage emergency powers to facilitate key business units.

The client will invariably find our Disaster Recovery System sturdy in all panels and our service abreast with his continuity requirements.

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