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Cloud solutions are being leveraged by enterprises – micro, small, medium and large – to keep their operations innovative and scalable. Using the cloud, businesses can move some components of their data and IT infrastructure to a virtual data centre. And cloud has been significantly driving ROI for entities that leverage this technology. It is particularly helpful in an era of globalization and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies. It gives employees the flexibility to work from any remote location while contributing to the revenues of their organization.

Cloud Security Threats and Solutions Infographic
Moving Legacy Systems to the Cloud

At Synergy IT we know that businesses need clarity between the multiple options available for cloud computing:

  • Will a public cloud be safe for storage of enterprise data?
  • Will they be able to afford the security of private cloud with a public cloud platform?
  • What are the benefits of a hybrid cloud environment?
  • How can they harness the benefits of Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Platform as a service (PaaS), Serverless Computing and Software as a service (SaaS)?

Synergy IT not only helps its clients in choosing the right solution for their operations but also deploys, secures, and maintains it for them.

Top Benefits of our Cloud Services

The goal of Synergy IT’s Cloud Services is to offer our clients a rationalized, methodical and secure portfolio of cloud applications and data storage segments that suit their business priorities. Regardless of the custom package that you seek for your cloud solutions, you enjoy benefits such as: High Flexibility And Deployment Options Strengthened By Comprehensive Security In Public Cloud Environment Integrated Business Intelligenceto Enable Customer Engagement And Derive Actionable Insights From The Captured Data Ease Of Addingnew Social And Mobile Capabilities Managed Access To Mission-Critical Data With Top-Notch Security And Layered, Coalesced, Compliant Encryption Flexibility Of Building, Deploying And Scaling Applications Ability To Connect With Your Employees And Stakeholders Anytime, Anywhere With High Definition Audio, Video And Web Conferencing Apps We are your single point of contact for Cloud Consulting, Deployment, Management and Application Design Solutions.

Technology Resources

Cloud is not a one-size-fits all solution and we comprehensively analyze your technology resources and IT goals to make the most optimum recommendation for your business cloud platform. We particularly focus on the following components: Your Business Domain, Growth Strategy And IT Infrastructure Budget Sensitivity And Security Of Your Business Data Along With Regulatory Compliance Pertaining To The Industry Variety Of Apps You Use And Their Complexities Degree Of Customization Needed For Each Cloud Resource Ability Of Your Employees In Adapting To Changes In Work Methodologies And Trainings Required, If Any With a good idea of your priorities, we help you adopt the best cloud computing solutions. While transferring your data and IT tools in the cloud environment, our team also ensures that it gives you maximum ROI.


Microsoft Azure Migration Service

We offer proactive support and consulting on Microsoft Azure. By taking advantage of our deep expertise in cloud technologies, you will get the most from what the cloud has to offer.

Amazon AWS Migration Service

Data is the lifeblood of a successful cloud application deployment. We help you build a complete approach to cloud computing across your company, and throughout your IT lifecycle.

Google Cloud Migration Service

We help you leverage the power Google Cloud Platform so that you have to spend less time to manage infrastructure, provision servers and configure networks.

Our cloud management solutions bring tailored monitoring and administrative strengths for your cloud architecture. We will give your internal IT team systematic and consistent ways to control their cloud ecosystems. This also helps in keeping the virtual infrastructure secure and future-ready. The Synergy IT team is always ready to respond to your queries for support and troubleshooting.

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