Identity and Access Management Services For Total Security Of Your Organisation's Digital Resources

Synergy IT provides secure and reliable Identity and Access Management Solutions for the safety of your organization’s digital assets and signatures.

What is Identity and Access Management

IAM or Identity and Access Management is a business structure that comprises various technological methods, action plans, and processes to accommodate a business in its management of digital or online identities. With an effective Identity and Access Management framework, the IT managers in an organization can check who should get access to the sensitive information or electronic data that is kept in the organization’s database. Several authentication methods like biometric fingerprints, voice recognition, or face detection, can be implemented to allow secure access to the information stored.

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Importance of Identity and Access Management Solutions

Sharing critical digital assets is a task to be carried out with utmost caution in the modern times by any organization, otherwise they can fall into the hands of those who can misuse and compromise the security & credibility of the business, so this is in fact a very critical module of security management. Synergy IT’s Identity and Access Management Services ensure your organization can handle this process in a fully secure manner.

Skilled Experts With Specialization in IAM Solutions

Synergy IT experts are well trained and professional in handling the operations of providing security for your organization’s digital assets with the use of best available Identity and Access Management Tools. You can rest assured that you will be getting the most effective IAM System looking after your organization as our specialized Identity Solutions ascertain secure data interactions and logins among the users.

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Zero Trust Solutions

We take no chances in security and therefore make sure that every device, password, and overall infrastructure of your business’ system, along with network connections are protected with our expert analysts overseeing them. We do so by following a roadmap that we devise after a thorough evaluation of your security, identifying your needs, and subsequently planning and designing the most suitable IAM Solution that would help your business security and prevent the hackers from stealing the important credentials.

Continuous Monitoring

We provide AI-backed continuous monitoring of the Solutions to ascertain there is not a single instance of a security breach, and you get uninterrupted IAM security. You can also call our security experts any day and any time for your queries at our toll-free number. Synergy IT Solutions are nationwide, and available in most of the major regions of Canada including Toronto, Vancouver, Mississauga, Brampton, and Quebec City among others.

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