Repair and Maintenance Services Offered By Synergy IT

Synergy IT offers repair and maintenance services for your organization’s IT and Computer equipment including any problems related to Hardware or Software.

Why You'd always need a Hardware or Software Maintenance Specialist

Literally all the businesses across every discipline are fully dependent on computers since the dawn of the 21st century so it is quite natural that every small or large organization’s one of the topmost priorities would be to keep their technology functional at all times to avoid hindrances in their work. For this Synergy IT provides total solutions for you. We have a highly trained team of energetic and reliable professionals who will provide quality repair and maintenance services for you in times of need and emergency.

Synergy IT Solutions - Your Partner in IT Excellence
Comprehensive IT Repair and Maintenance by Synergy IT
Hardware Repair Services

Synergy IT has professional technicians to address your Hardware problems, ranging from the configuration of new Hardware devices or fixing damaged Hardware like Disc Drives, Printers to wiring issues. Our specialists are fully equipped with the expertise to resolve any issues you have with the Computer equipment. We provide total Hardware services regarding IT equipment maintenance and repair including all types of Printers, USB drives, processer or memory chips, replacing defective components, and resolving any cable and wiring issues. Our team of professional experts ensure to provide you with effective PC hardware repair services.

Software Installation & Repair

We have certified Software developers to look after any of your Software related problems. Whether it’s about Installing new software or fixing corrupted Software, or upgrading Software to its latest versions, our experts can do it all for you. We provide all kinds of Software Solutions and we’re confident you will be fully satisfied with our services. If certain Software requires more enhanced configuration to work efficiently, we’ll arrange that for you as well. Even for any network-related issues, We’ll sort them for you by following all required processes to identify the problem and then troubleshoot it. Sometimes there are problems in the network settings so we look into everything while you can relax and won’t have to worry about anything.

Affordable IT Service Plans - Synergy IT Solutions
Economical Pricing for IT Services by Synergy IT
Flexible Pricing System

We offer several service plans for our clients according to their requirements. We provide the facility of maintenance contracts covering your organization’s laptops, desktops, printers or servers, or workstations of any brands. We offer monthly and annual contracts with a flexible price range depending on your needs and what devices you want us to cover. Your equipment must be working smoothly and consistently in order for you to get the best output from your employees and infrastructure so you would want to choose wisely regarding the devices you want us to cover under the agreement. Clients who have a maintenance contract with us also get discounted rates and warranty for our solutions as they get the benefit of our privilege list.

24x7 Maintenance and Support

We offer 24×7 services to make sure your work does not get hampered for too long so contact us and we’ll reach you with no delay and ensure the smooth functioning of your business with your devices and software all working fine. You can contact us any time of the day, and on any day through our toll-free customer service number. Our services are nationwide, covering most parts of Canada including Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, Vancouver, and Quebec City.

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