Managed Intrusion Detection And Prevention Systems Services Offered By Synergy IT

We provide Managed Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems Services to safeguard your network from intruders with well-designed and effective security methods.

What Is Intrusion Detection And Prevention

An Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDPS) is made up of Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Intrusion Protection/ Prevention System (IPS). While the work of an IDS is to only monitor and detect the suspicious threats and report them, the IPS actively works to deal with those threats and has to respond in a manner of shielding or protecting the system. The Intrusion Detection System, and Intrusion Prevention system collectively make up IDPS. Depending on an organization’s requirements it may need IDS, IPS, or both for its security solutions.

Managed Intrusion Detection And Prevention Systems Services Offered By Synergy IT
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IDPS is important for you to protect your network and these security services are provided by Synergy IT. We have been doing it for years and have served many clients over the years with our Managed IDPS services. We are one of the leading security services providers in the region and our specialists have experience and expertise in bringing to use the various Intrusion detection and prevention techniques as well as Intrusion detection and prevention software in order to protect your endpoints and network from intruders and hackers by deploying the most suitable security for your organization.

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Our analysts apply external and internal intrusion detection and protection system solutions for the overall security of your network. At the incident of detecting a threat, we respond accordingly as is necessary. This procedure is applied after our well-qualified professionals have closely assessed and investigated your needs and the issues that need to be focused on. After identifying the vulnerabilities, they apply the appropriate solutions that would act effectively to remedy the identified problems.

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Our IDPS solutions ensure that any preventive and protective measures that you require are taken as quickly as possible such as firewall configuration, tackling malicious requests or sorting the problems with the access points. Our services are designed to prevent any attacks before they happen. We mix the traditional security methods with modern techniques to give you the best possible protection from possible intrusion and risks. We offer high-quality solutions at very economical costs and all our current and former client have given us fully positive reviews, which has helped build us the reputation we have as a top IT security management solution providers company.

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We continuously work to detect and block any suspicious threats and activity from breaching your network. Your sensitive data is kept secure from intrusion and unwanted outside access of any kind. Our experts are available round the clock to look after any issues you encounter and you can contact them anytime. Synergy IT Security Solutions are available in all the major regions of Canada including Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, Vancouver, Surrey, and Quebec City among others.

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