Security Intelligence Operations and Consulting Services Offered By Synergy IT

We provide the most reliable Security Intelligence and Consulting Services in the region for improved and advanced Security Operations in your organization.

Security Intelligence Overview

Security Intelligence implies Network Data collection, analysis, and calibration. The collected information is also used in improving the security posture of the organizations. Various Software and technological methods are used for the task of Security Intelligence Operations, which also involves threat identification and neutralization. Security Intelligence gathering is extremely important to get a competitive edge in today’s business environment.

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Security Intelligence and Operations Services Offered by Synergy IT
Our Security Operations Services

Synergy IT experts assess your infrastructure to determine the
effectiveness of security and check the amendments that need to be made to ensure you reach the security standards required. Synergy IT will design the most efficient security solutions according to the need of your workplace. We go about applying our solutions with a well-planned process after assessing your existing security environment and then work to make it better. Our security specialists are well trained and skilled in providing the best possible security intelligence service for your business.

Solutions Implementation Process

Synergy IT works after constructing a roadmap to implement best security practices for your organization. We identify which events are more high risk and as such respond to them quickly with superior security intelligence, to give you speedy protection against the security threats. Our professionals are equipped with the knowledge of using SIEM tools and therefore can gather the intelligence that is useful and actionable. Along with that, we provide proactive Consulting services combined with our top-quality Security operations, which make for highly capable cyber security intelligence and consulting services.

Synergy IT Security Operations - Protecting Your IT Infrastructure
Implementation of Advanced Security Solutions by Synergy IT Experts
Specialization in All Cloud Platforms

We have an abundance of experience in handling all Cloud environments and making sure your business operations work safely, and in total synchronization with your Cloud environment. If there is a need for migration we perform smooth Cloud migration without any loss of data to your business. You can trust our services to keep your data secure with the best security practices and intelligence measures.

Real-Time Monitoring and Security Consulting Services

Our security experts monitor your cyber risks continuously and are available 24×7, to take any queries or issues you may have and give the best advice to resolve them. You can contact us without hesitancy at any time of day, any day even after the solutions have been applied. We believe in treating our clients like family and like to keep in touch with them. Synergy IT Solutions are accessible nationwide across all the major regions of Canada including Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Vancouver, and Quebec City among others.

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