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Fully Managed IT Support

Most IT Support companies work on the ‘break-fix’ model where they’re getting paid when your network fails. Their entire business model is based on getting paid when you experience downtime & when you lose access to your critical business services. Being a leading Toronto Managed Service Provider, we can help you enjoy a stress free IT Environment.

The difference with our Proactive Support model is that we’re making money when you’re is up and running. With that in mind, it’s in our best interest to keep your network operating smoothly. We understand the client’s need to phase his projects and create a streamlined way of offering solutions. Our Managed IT Services are built on this credible precept. With the right combination of World Class monitoring & MGMT tools as well as our industry leading preventative maintenance approach, our Proactive Program will dramatically reduce the negative business impact of network downtime by minimizing both the duration and volume of IT failures. Our clients experience highly reliable and stable networks that allow them to focus on the critical business services that drive their businesses.

State-of-the-art, remote monitoring system provides us with advanced notice about problems with your network environment before they can affect your business

  • With backup being so important for most businesses today, our remote monitoring service allows for greater piece of mind knowing that your backups took place when they were supposed to take place
  • Looking for 24×7 IT support for your critical Business service. We offer round the clock helpdesk services on request.Our Help Desk services staff responds to client inquiries and issues related to day-to-day IT functions
  • Our “round the clock” security monitoring is constantly searching for weaknesses in your network, When a site visit is required, immediate,
    automatic alerts guarantee a rapid response
  • Our Disaster recovery and business continuity solutions provide our customers with the ability to quickly recover from a disaster and/or unexpected event and resume or continue operation
  • Extensive reporting gives you a bird’s-eye view of your entire network’s security, Continuous monitoring and alerting for viruses, worms, malware, and attempted network access by unauthorized users
OIP (Avaya/Cisco) Monitoring Support

We do monitor your VOIP system too. You worry that you have adequate visibility into how your IT infrastructure and VoIP systems are working together and may use any number of point tools to manage and monitor them. Still…VoIP implementations often suffer from dropped calls, poor voice quality, and other issues. It help you, our Managed service for VOIP devices provides in-depth and detailed monitoring of VoIP quality metrics like MOS, Jitter, packet-loss, delay, network utilization and comprehensive set of reports and alerts on all VoIP related voice metrics.

  • Complete Peace of mind
  • Smooth and Seamless IT Services
  • No additional staff to hire for IT services
  • 24X7 dedicated support as and when needed
  • Support all Operating Systems such as MAC, Windows, Linux etc
  • Automated and Scheduled data back-ups
  • Most of IT issues resolved quickly via remote support
  • Access to complete IT support such as Phone support, remote access support and onsite support for fastest resolution
  • Ongoing Server examines and automatic repairs for faults
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