Business Continuity

Always stay well prepared against disruptive events to ensure business survival

Hyper-Competitive Business World

In the hyper-competitive business world, the success of an enterprise is largely related to actionable intelligence. And this is why no organization can afford to lose access to its vital data, irrespective of the exigencies. The challenge is that big volumes of enterprise data today face risks of hardware and software failures, power outages and natural disasters. A sudden downtime due to such issues can pose reputational, financial and legal threat to the organization.

Even when your data is safe, the continuity of your operations is vital for business and devices and software must be functioning flawlessly to ensure the same.

Remember that disruptions – natural or manmade – do occur and a mere insurance plan will not help your business against financial loss. You actually need to have a business continuity and disaster recovery plan in place.

Synergy IT protects you against downtime incidents with its Business Continuity Solutions. We enhance the resilience of your business with strong backups and quick disaster recovery. Our comprehensive managed services on business continuity enable you to focus on your revenue generating activities without worrying about the functionality of any IT asset.

Synergy IT Solutions - Your Partner in Business Continuity
Strategic Business Continuity Planning with Synergy IT

With our flexible and round-the-clock support service we ensure that your tools and enterprise applications are always working optimally. Our Business Continuity Solutions enables your organization to:

  • Identify, evaluate and prioritize its mission-critical IT systems and functions
  • Mitigate the risks of disruption and data loss
  • Review existing information security policies, strategies, methodologies, preparedness and make necessary changes for improvements
  • Prepare a roadmap for cost-effective deployment and optimization of business continuity capabilities
  • Implement the best business continuity processes and prevent incidents of downtime, data loss and work interruption

Our colocation data centres give you safe space to store your data backups. We also offer cloud-based disaster recovery solutions so that you can virtually replicate your business IT infrastructure in the cloud and have seamless access to the assets that are so vital to your operations.


We offer the support of a tech team that has significant experience and proven expertise in working for businesses of all sizes across industries,and keeping their operations safe against mechanical and cyber threats. They follow streamlined and proven methodologies to manage your operations continuity process.

Our team will also upgrade your outmoded systems and ensure that you are working with versions that can instantly connect with backups if a disaster strikes. With Synergy IT’s business continuity support, your IT security is never compromised.

In addition to deploying the finest security and recovery solutions for your operations, we can train your in-house staff on executing business continuity strategies.

To learn more about how Business Continuity Solutions by Synergy IT can help your enterprise, talk to one of our customer service associates today.


As a part of the Business Continuity package we give your enterprise the assurance of

  • Server Protection
  • Application and Software Protection
  • Network Protection
  • Data Protection
  • Performance Protection
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