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Disaster Recovery with Virtualization

Business challenge

This was a service organization in GTA. They had no disaster recovery and business continuity plan for IT infrastructure. If any of the critical elements in the IT infrastructure failed, it could have interrupted the business. The effect could last for days causing loss of business productivity. The objective was to find a cost effective solution to quickly recover from IT infrastructure failures.
Project timeline – This project was completed in 3 months

Approach / methodology

We Identified the IT down time that the business can accommodate with minimal impact on business. Then we studied each and every element in the IT infrastructure that could have an impact on the business continuity. It was revealed that the different elements of the IT infrastructure had different levels of criticality.

Our Solution

Designed and implemented a virtual IT infrastructure solution using VMWare, storage Area Network (SAN) and Veeam replication software. Physical servers were virtualized. In the virtual environment multiple virtual servers could share one physical server. In the event that any of the servers fail it can be restarted on a different physical server within few minutes. Because of the new virtual infrastructure this level of availability could be achieved for all the servers in the IT setup. Similarly network was redesigned with redundancy for each and every component.


Business can function with minimal interruption in the event of any IT hardware or software failure. Business down time due to failure in IT infrastructure was reduced from few days to few minutes. Since the physical servers were virtualized and consolidated into less number of physical servers, it resulted in optimal use of the existing hardware.

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