IT Managed Support Services in Toronto

Our Managed IT Service Program allows our clients to focus on higher-level business functions while delegating network maintenance and performance to IT professionals.


Seamless operations of any enterprise are dependant upon the hardware, software and the entire network to function flawlessly. However, at the same time, technology is getting increasingly complex with rapid deployment of mobile devices and apps across the users, that erode the relevance of their older versions within days.

In this transforming environment, Synergy IT delivers full service and scalable Managed IT Services that keep your systems secure, connected, backed up, and always functional so that you can focus on your customers and revenue generation.

We leverage industry best practices and a proactive support approach to ensure business continuity in your organization. Our managed solutions can support you irrespective of the size and kind of business you handle. With our core services you assured of maximum reliability of your wired and wireless IT infrastructure across multiple office locations.

The Synergy IT team understands the impact of downtime on a business. This is why it monitors systems continually and proactively identifies issues to resolve them so that your operations continue uninterrupted.

Partnering with us you can gain total control over yourthe technologies that are deployed in your enterprise, without having to actually administer the infrastructure, setup and maintenance. Wealso help you reduce your operating expenditure by eliminating the high costs of reactive updates, predictive repairs and replacements.

Synergy IT Solutions - Your IT Managed Support Partner in Toronto
Expert IT Managed Support Services by Synergy IT in Toronto
THINK OF SYNERGY IT As your own team!

When you choose us as your IT managed service provider, we become an extension of your own team. Your organization will have a direct access to highly qualified technicians certified by companies like Microsoft, Cisco, and VMware.

Under a comprehensive transition management process, we will ensure that your technological resources are effectively administered in tune with your organizational model, workflows, and employee requirements.

Safeguarding your business data and simplifying the use of complicated technology in your organization is a key objective for Synergy IT. We are flexible to accommodate a range of client situations.

You can also count on us on strategic advice on selection of new technologies and key IT tools that can help you to meet your business objectives more efficiently.


Round the Clock Monitoring

We guard your systems like our own. With our 24/7 remote monitoring procedures we ensure that all your IT tools and platforms in your network are functioning flawlessly and are not susceptible to threats

Backup Support

Opensource backup applications are complicated to deploy and manage. This is why we provide flexible storage and recovery options tailored to your business needs. Your critical data is always secure when it is supported by our managed service package.

Traffic Analysis

Our network traffic analysis offers an unparalleled visibility into your traffic patterns and usage to determine that streaming of irrelevant content is not eating the bandwidth. With real-time packet capture, it also checks how traffic affects the health of the network

Preventive Maintenance

A business that invests huge resources into its operations cannot afford downtime and loss of productivity. We diagnose IT problems before they occur and affect your activities. Our team regularly tests and adjusts your equipment to minimize the likelihood of them failing. And this is done without any disruption to your work.

Real-time Reporting

Our team continually works to ensure that business managers have real time reports on their data and IT systems. With daily, weekly and monthly reports your internal IT teams also stay aware of network performance and upgrades made on critical applications.

Patch Management

We have a comprehensive cross-platform patch discovery strategy that entails enterprise-wide patch, software and task deployment. Our tools can automatically detect any patch-related security vulnerabilities in your network and we correct them instantly to keep your data and IT platforms safe.

Managed User Devices

With the rising trend of BYOD policies in organizations, we simplify user device support for our clients. Our solutions cover a variety of devices used by your employees – desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

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