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Our Managed IT Service Program allows our clients to focus on higher-level business functions, while delegating network maintenance and performance to IT professionals.

Complete Managed IT Services Toronto


IT plays a vital role in today’s Business. Doesn`t matter how big your organization is or what vertical you are working in, to survive in this competitive world you have to implement the latest technologies in your business. Due to the ongoing business process, sometimes it becomes difficult to manage your IT infrastructure. This is where Synergy IT, a leading Managed IT Support Provider Toronto, can help you achieve your goals of achieving maximum ROI with a minimal investment in the IT Support side. We provide the most robust and effective managed IT services Toronto to fulfill your business requirements. Our services are catered to all size of business, small, medium and large ensuring that your computer and network system works in a most effective manner. Synergy IT as your MSP.

Our Managed Service Program allows our clients to focus on higher-level business functions, while delegating network maintenance and performance to IT professionals. By keeping an eye over business software, network architecture (routers, switches, firewalls) and connection fidelity, we take the measures necessary to sustain the most important areas of our client networks. Features of Managed Service Program. Contact us for Customized Managed IT Services Toronto, Mississauga, Vaughan, Brampton, Hamilton and all major cities in and around the Greater Toronto Area.

Security 24x7 Monitoring Solutions

24×7 monitoring for any intrusion or attempted unauthorized access, as well as system failures that could impact prompt response. Our “round the clock” security monitoring is constantly searching for weaknesses in your network


Managed Back Up Support

Protect your assets and data with round-the-clock protection; achieve regulatory compliance with legislation relevant to your industry. Get the piece of mind knowing that your backups took place when they were supposed to take place


Traffic Analysis

What specific traffic is clogging your network? Is it the Exchange Server? Is someone streaming YouTube videos? Our managed program provides this level of granularity to ensure your network is functioning properly


Monitoring Dashboard

Accurate, up-to-date data simplifies capacity management and upgrade planning, you’ll get comprehensive, graphical reports every month


Alerts and Notifications

Automatic notifications when network performance degrades, allowing for faster remediation hence reducing negative downtime impact. When a site visit is required, immediate, automatic alerts guarantee a rapid response

24/7 Monitoring

Our technology allows us to monitor any device 24/7 keeping track of the status level of your infrastructure environment. Synergy IT will proactively monitor your network and remotely address potential points of failure before they become critical.

Real‐time Reporting

Reports enables you to generate reports for all collected network data. You can drill down into specific time periods or events or change chart type with a single click – a feature that is particularly useful when troubleshooting issues. Leveraging the report scheduler, email reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to colleagues and executive management

Patch Management

Patch Management allows our engineers to automatically manage and control critical Windows updates to ensure that your devices are protected with the latest security patches and updates

Network Traffic Flow Analysis

Network Traffic Analysis provides unparalleled visibility into traffic network patterns and usage to determine how traffic impacts the overall health of the network through real‐time packet capture

Dashboard Management

Our engineers have capabilities to see customized views of each of our customers. Accurate, up-to-date data simplifies capacity management and upgrade planning

Managed servers

This includes maintaining all servers – from patching/updating to incident management to around-the-clock monitoring and everything in between – ensuring optimal performance.

Onsite or remote support

This may include a set amount or an unlimited amount of hours available for support, whether it’s onsite or remote, depending on your unique needs.

Managed backup & disaster recovery

This includes the development and ongoing testing of a customized backup and disaster recovery plan designed to keep your business functioning, no matter what happens.

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