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Synergy IT Solutions offer reliable Managed Firewall Services to safeguard your business from unauthorized access and cyber threats.

What is a Managed Firewall Service

In the modern business environment, companies are prone to countless cyber threats to their online systems and data on the internet, which can only be prevented if there’s a reliable Firewall in place. But as the intensity and nature of online threats changes and increases every day, it is equally important that the Firewall must be monitored and updated continuously to catch up with the complexity of these cyber threats. For a company to do all this by themselves would require a lot of time and effort which can be devoted to other business tasks. So hiring a Managed Security service provider is the best decision you can make. Synergy IT provides reliable Managed Firewall Service for businesses and efficiently handles these tasks, saving your precious time by ensuring uninterrupted functioning of your operations.

Advanced firewall protection by Synergy IT
Managed Firewall Solutions
Our Managed Firewall Solutions

Synergy IT is among one of the most trusted Managed Firewall Providers in the region and we boast of a certified and professional team of experts who can perform your organization’s Firewall operations proactively and effectively. We offer Managed Firewall Services that are virtual and blend the firewall with a model that is Cloud-based allowing us to get added leverage. Our implementation process includes understanding and closely assessing your business tasks, determining the focal processes, choosing the suitable Cloud Managed Firewall Platform based on the priority processes and apps of your business, and applying the security solutions accordingly.

Smooth Integration and In-Depth Reporting

Our Managed Firewall solutions ensure your network a seamless integration. We use the latest modern technology for comprehensive Firewall operations in order to keep the hacking and cyber-attack attempts at bay, with instant and also in-depth analysis and reporting. A Firewall solution that would provide you the security you’re looking for. We also keep up with all the compliance requirements.

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24/7 Dedicated IT Support
24x7 Firewall Monitoring Service

Synergy IT’s dedicated experts run the Firewall security monitoring service constantly for instant responses and alerts. You will also have the facility to contact our security support staff 24×7 for any queries, and they will readily respond to your calls immediately to resolve your issues. Our Firewall Security services are accessible nationwide across all the major regions of Canada including Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, Vancouver, and Quebec City among others.

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