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Our Penetration Testing Solutions safeguard your business’ resources and confidential data from cyber criminals.

What is Penetration Testing

A penetration test is a mock attack simulated in a controlled environment to judge a system’s security against threats. The same kind of processes are used in the attack that a real potential attacker would use. This is done so as to understand the weak points or flaws present in the system. An observation is also made about what effects these flaws can make on your business. After this, it is made sure the found weaknesses are corrected so that they don’t get exploited by hackers.

Detailed View of Penetration Testing Services by Synergy IT
Ethical Hacking Tools and Techniques Used by Synergy IT
Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS)

Synergy IT’s professionals specialize in effective strategies for Pen Testing with the use of the latest penetration testing tools and software. The tests are performed to identify any loopholes in your security infrastructure. We provide PTaaS for your organization to help develop programs for vulnerability management in order to enable you to detect and neutralize any threats.

Types of Pen-Testing We Do

Our Penetration testing for web applications includeS assessing custom apps and web pages over the internet to look for any flaws in development, designing, or coding that the attackers can potentially take the advantage of. A Wireless Pen test is designed to find any weakness or problems related to access points or encryption in the Wireless network of your organization. Similarly internal and external, white box, black box, etc. all kinds of Penetration testing is done by Synergy IT’s skilled and trained professionals in a fully controlled testing environment.

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Our pen-testing solutions are highly reliable and provide you with complete network security. Along with that our services are also very economical and cost-efficient. A combination that has resulted in us being rated among one of the best IT security solutions providers in the region. Our past and current clients have always been satisfied with the quality ad costs of service. You will not be disappointed to hire us as your security partners.

24x7 Monitoring and Security Review

Our penetration test services also give you total post-test care facilities including complete monitoring, output reviews, and further advice & guidance from our experts to assure your uninterrupted security. You can call us any time of the day, any day. Synergy IT Solutions are nationwide and accessible in most of the major regions of Canada including, Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, Edmonton, Surrey, and Quebec City to mention a few.

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