Office 365 - MS Teams VOIP

NEWL, Newell Worldwide Logistics is a global supply chain solutions company providing a variety of domestic and international service. NEWL assessed a couple of choices for another telephone framework for their clients and concluded that Microsoft Teams was the most ideal choice for their association.

Business Challenge and Solution

NEWL was using Bell Mobility as their telephone provider and needed to improve the services for better communication among remote teams and their clients. After evaluating their options with few other telephone frameworks and IT companies, they chose Synergy IT to implement Microsoft Office 365 and use Microsoft Teams as their communication framework.


Accessibility: NEWL ‘s phone system is now accessible on one platform with the device of choice (ie. Desktop, Mobile, or Tablet)

Enhanced Technology: Streamlining their technology stack allowed NEWL teams to be more efficient and effective.

Increased Collaboration: By enabling Microsoft Teams for all users and porting existing phone numbers, NEWL employees can now easily communicate with each other, making collaboration effortless.

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