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Who still uses Hotmail? Microsoft's e-mail service has become synonymous with the lamest of the interent. Even the people that use it tend to make excuses when confronted by others. So what made hotmail so bad, and what did Microsoft do to change peoples perspectives on the service? Hotmail hasn't always ... Read More
August 3, 2012Synergy IT Solutions


Everyday we hear about companies coming out with new services and new products. From a new smartphone to a new tablets and desktop computers, all of this innovation has one thing in common, the cloud. Lately tech companies are throwing that word around very often, almost all new products are ... Read More


Technology moves fast, and it finally seems the tablet wars have began to sizzle out. Just a year ago, every manufacturer was trying to claim a stake in the tablet market, but ultimately most of them failed. now that Microsoft has officially entered the game and the Google nexus has shipped, whats ... Read More


Earlier this year Google unveiled project glass, their take on augmented reality, and applying it to a pair of wearable glasses. Essentially these glasses are intended to incorporate everything Google is good at, from maps to their search engine and have this information shown right before a users eyes. The glasses are intended to display information that is relevant to ... Read More
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