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Microsoft has been very busy in the past few months readying their Windows 8 release, and updating their existing products to work with their new OS. Microsoft has also gone above and beyond with some of their updates, such as the new Hotmail and @Outlook.com accounts. Microsoft is also busy updating their ... Read More
August 13, 2012Synergy IT Solutions


A year ago the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) brought out details regarding a new DNSChanger virus that had infected millions of computers worldwide. The virus had the ability to access the internets DNS ( Domain Name server) and redirect infected computers to fraudulent websites, or websites selling fake merchandise. The ... Read More


With the release of Microsoft's new operating system just on the horizon, the company is taking a simpler approach to how they sell the product. Unlike previous iterations, Microsoft is cutting down on the number of different SKU's that will be released for Windows 8, and Windows Server 2012. This means Microsoft is creating a simpler product line, with fewer differences in capability. ... Read More
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