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VMware capabilities your enterprise can run several virtual machines powered by just one server.


A subsidiary of Dell Technologies, VMware offers cloud computing and platform virtualization software services that are being increasingly used by businesses worldwide. It helps them create more effective, managed and agile IT environments. With VMware virtualization, organizations can maximize the returns from their IT resources and also cut operating costs. Like any other technology tool however, VMware deployments need to be done with the right set of technologies and the regular release of its new versions call for post roll-out support by experienced professionals.

Synergy IT has been working with VMware ever since the solution was launched for business use. And we help our clients capitalize upon its advantages. Using VMware capabilities your enterprise can run several virtual machines powered by just one server. It implies that you will not need to have several servers and other hardware to keep meeting the data storage and processing demands of your business.

VMware Virtualization Solutions - Synergy IT



Using a strategic approach to server consolidation, we help you eliminate multiple physical servers that only eat space in your offices but also increase the complexities for your IT teams. We consolidate your servers with VMware virtualization technologies and enable better control for planning and infrastructure design.


With virtualization of desktops enabled by VMware, your in-house tech support personnel can respond faster to workplace growing needs for more capabilities. We help you with virtualization of your desktops and these can then be used across your branch offices and by your mobile workers for more flexibility.


We help you to completely replicate your existing network so that you can seamlessly transfer your processes from physical to virtual networks bringing in flexibility of remote logins and cost-effectiveness. With network virtualization support you will get all the logical networking devices that you need for your work including logical routers, ports and security-enhancing firewalls.


We make the management of virtual server networks a breeze for your IT administrators. Synergy IT provides simplified and user-friendly dashboards for servers and machines virtualized by VMware technologies. You also get 24/7 support of our team for any other inputs and guidance required to keep your business processes up and running on virtual systems.


If your business is new to VMware and is unsure about the licenses to procure for running a certain number of applications, we are here to help. Synergy IT ensures that compliance for the usage of these virtualization tools is never a concern for its clients. We will never let your business be penalized for want of the right license on a VMware product.

Benefits of Synergy IT’s VMware Support

Synergy IT’s VMware services are for organizations that want to be early birds in adopting cloud and virtualization technologies. We help them make the most of this solution.

The top benefits of Synergy IT’s VMware Support are:

  • Round The Clock Tech Support
  • Fail-Safe Security
  • Cost Savings
  • Flexibility Of Operations
  • Synchronization With Technology Evolutions
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