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Windows 2012 Support

Windows Server 2012 is another great products from the stable of Microsoft Corporation. Windows Server 2012 powers many of Canada’s datacenters, IT Companies and helping small businesses around the world delivering value to organizations of all sizes. Windows Server 2012 redefines the server category, delivering hundreds of new features and enhancements spanning virtualization, networking, storage, user experience, cloud computing, automation, and more. Windows Server 2012 provides value in 3 key areas – Providing a comprehensive cloud platform for both you datacenter and cloud solutions, providing further cost savings and increased efficiencies, and also support fort the new mobile and BYOD (Bring your own device) workforce.

Whether you are setting-up a single server for your small business or architecting a major new datacenter environment, Windows Server 2012 will help you cloud-optimize your IT so you can fully meet your organization’s unique needs.

Windows Server 2012
Why Windows Server 2012 is the best fit for your business:
  • Complete Virtualization Platform
  • Improved Scalability and Performance
  • Flexible Storage
  • Continuous Availability
  • Increased reliability
  • Management Efficiency
  • Flexibility to Build On-Premises and in the Cloud
  • An Open Web and App Development Environment
  • Enhanced Data Security and Compliance
  • Fully BYOD Capable
Windows Server 2012 delivers the power of many servers with the simplicity of one

Windows Server 2012 is designed for IT pros to optimize for the cloud while satisfying business needs faster and more efficiently by providing a highly available, easy-to-manage, multiserver platform that offers the following benefits

  • Flexible storage
  • Continuous availability
  • Management efficiency
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Windows Server 2012 editions

Check out the various business scenarios to find out the best fit server for your business. Windows Server 2012 Datacenter is designed for highly virtualized private cloud environments.
Windows Server 2012 Standard is suitable for physical or minimally virtualized environments.
Windows Server 2012 Essentials is ideal for small businesses that have as many as 25 users and 50 devices.
Windows Server 2012 Foundation provides a Windows Server experience for as many as 15 users.

Synergy IT your Dedicated Support Partner for Server 2012

Synergy IT has years of experience and expertise setting for Windows server right from Server 2003 to server 2012. We provide complete consultancy and support for Windows 2012.

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