Windows Server 2019

Support and Consultancy services

Windows Server 2019 Support and Consultancy services

Windows Server 2019- Number One Choice of Businesses!

Windows 2019 Support

Unquestionably, Microsoft is the name that one can rely upon blindly, and the company, too, has given it all to satisfy and satiate all the users to a great extent. Foremost, Windows Server 2019 has always been especially applauded for its magnificent management and terrific technical support. Either for home or business, MS Server 2019 has minutely worked on all the aspects that must be taken care of. One of the most significant facts about Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard is that it assures to provide a hassle-free experience so that everyone can work without any worries.

What Distinguishes the Company?

What sets the company apart for its classifiable services is the fact that it can automatically amend 97% of endpoint attacks detected. Thus, the teams have a good deal of time to deal with the other crucial areas. Being able to provide integrated coverage across the entire environment, Windows Server 2019 support service has been given preference by many organizations. From cloud access security brokers to enterprise information archiving to endpoint protection platforms, the company has mastered in the domain like anything.

Features That Make a Difference

Identity and Access Management –

Holistic, brilliant, agile and heterogeneous in nature, modify strong authentication that minimizes the risk of a security breach through and through. Microsoft Windows Server essential 2019 aims to limit the unpleasant access and improve productivity by using a couple of policies for the protection of data.

Threat Protection –

Its automated security features not only secures the various assets but also strengthens the shielders out and out. Microsoft Windows Server 2019 standard is lauded for its remarkable services and exemplary signal correlations.

Information Protection –

Company has prioritized to keep the network and data save at the place where it is. With all the advanced services, there is no need to move data to any other place to ensure its safety.

Cloud Security –

Using of clouds is quite common in this contemporary world and the company understands it through and through that it is imperative to keep it safe by putting their best foot forward.

Hybrid Capabilities With Azure –

Adding additional layers of security has become pretty important and Microsoft has laid special emphasis on it by bridging on-premises environments with Azure.

Advanced Multilayer Security –

Indeed, if the datacenter is safe, this goes a long way in modernizing applications and infrastructure and thereby, advanced multilayer security is deployed.

Faster Innovation for Applications –

For the creation of cloud-native apps and enhancing traditional apps, Windows server powerfully plays an important role.

Unprecedented Hyper Converged Infrastructure –

MS server aptly values greater efficiency and security and does all to keep it abreast by all means.

Windows Server 2019 Editions

Supporting Subheading
is designed for Highly virtualized datacenters and cloud environments.
is suitable for Physical or minimally virtualized environments.
is ideal for Small businesses with up to 25 users and 50 devices.

Synergy IT your Dedicated Support Partner for Server 2019

Synergy IT has years of experience and expertise setting for Windows server right from Server 2003 to server 2019. We provide complete consultancy and support for Windows 2019. 

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