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Synergy IT helps you in harnessing Citrix offerings to the full and maximizes your returns from them.


A leading provider of server, application and desktop virtualization, networking solutions, software as a service (SaaS), and cloud technologies, Citrix has become popular for its versatile products that are extensively used by business organizations around the world. It has created cutting edge software systems that enable employees of any enterprise to work collaboratively irrespective of the network or device they are working on. As with most other technology products, the only hitch is deploying and maintaining these sophisticated products correctly. Experience and expertise in Citrix technologies is critical for their usage.

Synergy IT helps you in harnessing Citrix offerings to the full and maximizes your returns from them. We are Silver Solution Advisor as a certified Citrix partner and our associates have comprehensive practical experience in strategizing, deploying and managing Citrix solutions. We support a range of Citrix products encompassing XenApp, XenServer, XenDesktop, Xen Netscaler, XenMobile, Citrix Provisioning Server and Citrix Password Manger.

Synergy IT Solutions - Expert Citrix Support Provider


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We can help you run your mission-critical business applications on highly available, secure, scalable infrastructure supported by Citrix hosting services. These include application virtualizations, enterprise mobility management with XenMobile, file sync & sharing and other networking services to maintain an agile IT platform.


Our support for Citrix devices does entail their complete upkeep and upgrades. We consistently make sure that your business is using the right version of tools that are secure and supported. With our tailored and future-ready maintenance packages, you are always assured of your Citrix network and servers working impeccably for your business.


Synergy IT knows that end-user satisfaction with Citrix services depends on quick logins, short launch times for applications, and low screen refresh latencies on XenApp and XenDesktop platforms. With our performance monitoring and diagnosis services, we help you by testing your Citrix products through simulated sessions, and detect any issues before they affect your employees’ performance at work. We also assess the preparedness and functionalities of the complete service-delivery infrastructure. And we monitor end-user experience in real time for vital performance metrics and quick resolution of any possible issue.

Optimizing IT Infrastructure with Citrix Support from Synergy IT

Whenever and wherever you need any support on Citrix tech tools, contact Synergy IT without hesitation. We are recognized for our proficiency at Citrix solutions and offer both remote as well as on-site services.

Our cost-effective and always-on support services will help you leverage the full potential of Citrix systems while maintaining peak user productivity and satisfaction.

You can maintain an optimum size of your IT infrastructure with the flexibility of scaling it as required.

The top benefits of Synergy IT’s Network Support are:

  • Round The Clock Tech Support
  • Complete Security
  • Deep Solution Expertise
  • Cost –Savings
  • Synchronization With Technology Evolutions
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