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We help your organization leverage the best products designed for office processes by a premium company.


One of the oldest providers of operating systems and software products for business, Microsoft has always been a trusted and reputable brand and its offerings support the work processes of millions of organizations. The only challenge is that constant growth of technology and regular introduction of new software versions make it difficult for enterprises to understand and imbibe the necessary updates onto their processes. It is also critical to ensure that a business uses only genuine MS products and is not duped into downloading pirated copies of any product.

Being a privileged member of Microsoft partner network, Synergy IT is authorized to install, configure, upgrade and provide maintenance solutions for all tech tools provided by MS. We help your organization leverage the best products designed for office processes by a premium company.7

Professional Microsoft Support by Synergy IT

Super Fast and Scalable Design


We deploy MS Office 365 suites for your organization so that your workforce can connect with enterprise applications from anywhere at any time. You can choose to have a tailored implementation of this solution by opting for the collaboration and productivity apps that suit your work practices the best. Office 365 comes with Exchange Server, Skype for Business Server and SharePoint among other services. Synergy IT will also take care of updates that you need on this product and we can give your internal IT teams an intuitive dashboard to monitor the Microsoft Office 365 environment.


We help you with MS Exchange upgrades that are essential to IT security and compatibility with other tools. And we do this without letting your existing business processes going down. With decades of experience in Microsoft product lines, Synergy IT enables seamless and cost-effective upgrades for MS Exchange to protect your business processes against cyber threats that can impact the older versions. Our team will also help you leverage the extended mobile capabilities that this system now comes with.


In lending support for MS SharePoint, we can give your enterprise turnkey solutions from scratch and also make necessary changes in your existing systems to make them more relevant, robust, user-friendly, mobile-friendly and secure. If you are still using older versions of SharePoint, we can upgrade them to SharePoint Server 2016 or SharePoint Online. Such upgrades are important to get the latest features of this system and support for any troubleshooting. From SharePoint deployment, integration and migration to maintenance and general consulting services, Synergy IT offers a range of solutions for businesses leveraging MS SharePoint.


In addition to these support services, you can rely on us for installation, upgrades and upkeep of any Microsoft Office application that plays a key role in your daily operations and workflow. What’s more, leveraging the most current Microsoft technologies, you can not only optimize your processes but also enhance time-to-market and redefine customer experience.

The top benefits of Synergy IT’s Microsoft Support are:

  • Quick And Reliable Solutions
  • Up-To-Date Security Standards
  • Cost Savings
  • Business Continuity
  • Synchronization With Microsoft Product Releases
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