Microsoft Office 365

Stay connected and optimize your business productivity with a complete office in the cloud.

Microsoft Office 365

Secure anytime, anywhere access to enterprise applications is a key requirement for any business today. Employees who frequently travel or work from remote locations can drive more efficiency if they can connect with their apps and business data on any device from any location. And Microsoft Office 365 has been designed with that vision. It offers users security-rich, cloud-based versions of apps that they use every day.

As a privileged reseller of Microsoft products, Synergy IT deploys Office 365 suites for its clients. We will give you a cost-effective and secure way to connect to your enterprise applications from anywhere. What’s more, this managed service is not a one-size-fits-all package. You can have tailored deployment and support options that will best meet your needs at present and in the near future.

We help you get the valuable features of this widely popular and trusted office suite for a wholesome network experience. Our team will also take care of all new software updates to ensure that your employees don’t work on dated versions of any app. And your IT administrators can monitor the Microsoft Office 365 environment with an intuitive dashboard.

Synergy IT Office 365 Solutions

The top benefits that your business gets

By Subscribing To The Cloud Based Office 365 Solutions Include

Work from anywhere

A chief feature of Office 365, Microsoft OneDrive simplifies the storage of data on the cloud. Users can access, modify and save their files on the go. They can check emails and appointments on any device.

Secure collaboration

With Office 365 on their devices, employees can collaborate with their colleagues securely on encrypted applications including Skype and Outlook.

Multi-device flexibility

Office 365 suite offers seamless and cohesive experience for all its apps across a variety of desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Enhanced productivity

Your employees can get more work done using both familiar and newer Microsoft tools. These include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Planner, OneNote and several others. It helps them contribute more productively on projects undertaken.

Security and control

Microsoft has earned its global repute in building secure tools for work and this expertise also optimizes the Office 365 suite. In addition to enterprise grade security, you also get control on your account features for customization.

Cost savings

ffice 365 does bring significant cost savings for small and medium enterprises by reducing their dependency on installation of new tools and training employees for their usage.

Future scalability

The cloud based solutions offered by Office 365 can be easily scaled with minimal additional costs. Features can be added and eliminated as per changing requirements of this organization.

Does Your Organization Need Microsoft Office 365?

For small and medium enterprises, Office 365 is a productivity tool that transforms the collaboration between their employees and the way they connect with their customers. It eliminates the issues of managing licenses and software versions from different vendors.

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