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Manage business-specific challenges efficiently with Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint Support

There is a range of digital communication apps available for free today. Businesses however need a tool that is more centralized, powerful, reliable, and helps them exchange data securely. And the widely trusted Microsoft Corp. provided a solution for same.

Marketed primarily as an enterprise content management and storage platform, Microsoft SharePoint has been adopted by a large number of organizations since its launch in 2001. After the release of a new version – SharePoint 2007 – businesses started harnessing it for online collaboration between their employees. The more recently introduced SharePoint 2016 comes with several additional features for businesses and is more secure, scalable and high-performing.

Being a member of Microsoft Partner Network, Synergy IT deploys and provides support for the usage of SharePoint 2016 to its clients. We offer on-premises, cloud and hybrid SharePoint solutions to help you leverage this toll optimally and enable managed, continuous and secure collaboration between your employees.

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Our managed SharePoint Solutions

Package Includes:

SharePoint Deployment

End-to-end SharePoint implementation service to save your time and money while ensuring complete visibility across all phases.

SharePoint Maintenance

Proactive maintenance with monitoring of your SharePoint environment to check performance and fix any security gaps before they impact business processes.

SharePoint Support

Expert guidance and support to help your enterprise leverage all the benefits of a robust SharePoint infrastructure.

SharePoint Integration

To seamlessly integrate your enterprise applications into suitable SharePoint infrastructure and enable a more productive document management system.

SharePoint Migration

To invigorate give your current SharePoint solutions and migrate them to the latest versions of the platform for both cloud and on-premises systems.

SharePoint Upgrade

Round the clock upgrade services for replacement of your current software version with latest version of the same product.

SharePoint Consulting Services

To help you solve complex issues that cannot be addressed by in-house IT team, and align SharePoint to particular business environments and organization priorities.

Benefits of SharePoint

The top benefits of SharePoint encompass:

  • Simplified And Consistent User Experience.
  • Effective Management And Repurposing Of Content.
  • Easy And Secure Access To Business Data By Authorized Users.
  • Connected Employees With Up To Date Information For Business Processes.
  • Ease Of Specifying Security, Storage And Auditing Policies To Stay Compliant As Per Industry Norms.

We can deliver turnkey solutions from the scratch and also tweak your running systems to make them more user-friendly, mobile-friendly, robust and secure. If your workplace is still using SharePoint 2007, you should know that Microsoft no longer supports it since October 2017. Our technical assistance team will help you upgrade to SharePoint Server 2016 or SharePoint Online enabling your organization to harness its newest features and stay supported.

Synergy IT also gives you access to Microsoft Premier Support and all our solutions are in sync with the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) backed by high quality of service to help your company reap instant returns on its SharePoint investment.

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