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We provide Zero Trust security solutions to secure your business network from ever-increasing cyber threats.

Zero Trust Network Security Overview

In the “Zero Trust” approach, it is assumed that your network is at constant risk from internal and external security threats. And in the form of Zero Trust Security you apply strategies to counter these threats. Zero Trust Security is a crucial principle of Zero Trust, as this security is to make sure to continuously, authenticate, validate and authorize user-access to your organizational data and oversees each and all every digital interaction taking place within your infrastructural domains without taking chances or relying on trusting users for informing where they are gaining access to the network from.

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Zero Trust Security Implementation by Synergy IT
Synergy IT's Zero Trust Cyber Security Solutions

It has become very essential to adopt a Zero Trust Security Model in today’s business environment, especially in the most recent scenario to ensure there are no data breaches in your organization and every employee accesses the information based on the credentials they require, for your digital resources don’t get exposed to outsiders which could increase the risk of phishing, spyware and other attacks. We help your business in the implementation of Zero Trust security framework for your network as well as endpoints, cloud platforms, and sensitive organizational data & passwords.

Zero Trust Security Architecture Implementation Process

To implement the Zero Trust solutions, and make them fully operational it is important that the strategy is constructed in a way to align the framework technologies and processes together. It makes for agile and intelligent real-time solutions for security controls in the overall distributed environment. By equipping your infrastructure with this security method, you get the correct context and control, and also the chances of a cyber breach are drastically reduced.

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Zero Trust Endpoint Security

The implementation of Zero Point principles actually starts at the endpoints. We use various Zero Trust security tools and practices to monitor and manage all the points of access to your devices and networks, then ascertain that the endpoints are secure, and so are the interactions from any kinds of cyber-security threats. Our skilled professionals make sure that the endpoints are never compromised in security as this is usually most attack prone part of the system. All the latest tools and techniques are used by our experts for the task.

All-over Zero Security Services and Maintenance

In addition we also provide security for the cloud. Our solutions are reliable, accurate and speedy, and at very reasonable costs. You can call us anytime of the day and on any day for your queries. Our services are based in the Greater Toronto Area including old Toronto, Mississauga, Kitchener, Brampton and are also accessible in other major regions of Canada like Vancouver B.C. and Quebec.

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